Sunday, January 14, 2018

Perche Creek Gut-Buster X

Can you believe April 7, 2018 (Saturday) marks the tenth running of the Gut-Buster? Neither can we!
Registration will remain at $25 (PCGB-X shirts will be included in the registration). 
The race will begin at 11:00am (as usual)

Sign up by emailing Charlie at or by Paypaling payment to him at Registrations on race day as well. 

Roy's Hotdogs will be back with delicious dogs and fresh beef patties. Nutritional cookies will be available as well!

We are excitedly looking forward to seeing everyone - Tell your canoeing/SUPing/kayaking/surfskiing friends! 
Looking forward to a great race! Details to follow!

Two-Rivers Marathon

Thanks to everyone who participated in last-year's preliminary running of this race. We are pleased to announce that, due to the positive feedback received, we will be running the Two-Rivers Marathon again.

Date - Saturday, June 23 at 9 or 10:00 -- details forthcoming.

Save the date for this super race!


  1. Where do you show the race course map for the Gut Buster?

  2. Under what conditions, if any, will this race be canceled or postponed? Looks like snow on Friday.

  3. We put in at perche creek and paddle upriver 3 miles to a buoy. Turn around the buoy and paddle down river 4 miles to the down river buoy. Turn around and paddle upriver 1 mi back to the race start/boat ramp.

  4. The race has taken place in past years while it was snowing. Come prepared with cold weather gear and a change of clothes if needed.