Male (2) - 1 run/1 paddle
Female (2) - 1 run/1 paddle
Mixed (one male, one female) - 1 run/1 paddle

"Tin Man" Class
Solo Male - you run and paddle
Solo Female - you run and paddle

Youth (16 & under)
Male (2) - 1 run/1 paddle
Female (2) - 1 run/1 paddle
Mixed (2) 1 run/1 paddle

"Tin Man" Youth
Solo Male - you run/you paddle
Solo Female - you run/you paddle

Over & Under
Youth must be un 16 and participating adult must be 21 or older
You choose your team make-up and have fun with this one!

Tandem Canoe
2-3 Participants - any mix - male/female - we'll figure it out on race day.

Call Charlie (573-442-7109) or email him ( and let him know what class you want to enter. Then just PayPal him the fee $25.00 (per participant) -

AS ALWAYS  -  GOOD FOOD - GOOD FUN - GOOD FOLKS (that would be you)!

Yes, you can register on race day (as always)

See you there!
Charlie & Melinda


  1. We're adding a new class! Are there 3 of you who would like to team up for the Fall 5? Go for it! one runner and two paddlers will make up the new class; all male. all female, mixed - you decide - we will make it so. ; )

  2. We would love to do this but we don't own a kayak. Is there a place in town that rents kayaks?